Misappropriation of funds hinders students learning basic concepts

A recent interaction with someone fresh out of high school helped to demonstrate to me just how much we are failing our youth. This individual had almost zero understanding of the solar system. Not complicated aspects such as how worm holes and such, I mean some basic concepts. She had no idea you could see craters on the moon with a telescope, how planets and the moon move, where the moon is in relation to planets, or about the size of the solar system. 

A former teacher informed me that these are concepts that have been condensed into a literary writing component added to the science curriculum. This concept was generated not by our teachers that are in the classrooms day in and day out, but by an out of state company. If we want to create new curriculum ideas, we need to ask those who are there, planning the lessons and teaching the children. How can we expect to improve things if we aren't listening to those closest to the problem? Instead of using funds on outside education companies, we should be listening to our teachers and using those funds to directly help them in the classroom.

When I say we need to better fund education, it doesn't have to mean raising taxes. It means reappropriating misused funds. This is just one example of this.

It's sad to see that Florida has  fallen from 6th in education in 2013 to 29th in 2017.   The largest issue is financing where we rank 45th. What we've been doing clearly hasn't worked and we need a new approach NOW before we keep falling further and further behind.

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