DREAMers highlight our broken system

For the second time in 2 weeks, the government shut down last week. While it lasted only a few hours and was a shut down in name only, it highlights a very important fact about our elected officials: they aren't listening to what the people want. 

This budget bill passed without inclusion of a solution on DACA. For many democrats, this is unacceptable. While there may be a promise of bringing a DACA bill to the floor, without the pressure of funding the government, many wonder what the incentive will be.  

Polls show that 86% of Americans approve of continuing DACA. That's an overwhelming majority of people. So why is there hesitation from Congress to pass a bill reinstating it? They have had months since the executive order was signed to pass a bill. They had 2 weeks since the last continuing resolution bill. Why the delay?  A government shutdown should never be the answer. What a shutdown means is our elected officials aren't doing their job. But to understand why the desire to force action with a shutdown in this particular case requires a deeper look at DREAMers. 

The DREAM Act has had various versions pass through Congress since 2001. Each time, the vote has garnered over 50 votes in the Senate, but failed to reach the filibuster proof 60 votes needed. That's 17 years of debate over something 86% of people approve of. So why should we expect it to be different now? If there was ever a bill that needed to have pressure put on it, this was it. 

Our Congress and our president are not listening to what the people want. This is not a topic a small majority approve of. 86% is incredible! This should be a no brainer for them if they were truly there to fight for what the people want. It's reflective of a greater issue. We need our Congress to start listening to what the people want instead of what their special interest donors want. 

Send a message to Congress. Call, email, message them and let them know how you feel about their inaction. Let them know they need to listen to what the people want. And in November, send them a clear message with your vote. 

"We the people" will not be ignored! ALL of us, including the DREAMers!

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