Progressive or just good sense?

Healthcare as a human right, living wage for all, equal rights for everyone, stop global warming, end corporate rule, and end social and economic injustice. These sound like perfectly reasonable goals. They make sense. They make good sense. So why are these ideas progressive? At no point should wanting everyone to be treated equally be a progressive idea. At no point should not wanting individuals to suffer physically or financially because of poor health be considered progressive. These ideas are just the morally right thing to do. Is it a progressive idea to care about other human beings or is it just humane?

I have made posts on healthcare and about solar energy already. I want to discuss here just a bit about minimum wage and corporate rule.

When talking about increasing the minimum wage, the discussion is never about raising it tomorrow or even next year. It's a gradual raise so as not to place undue burden on businesses with an immediate large increase. It makes sense to give people a living wage.

What happens when a business doesn't pay a living wage is that the individual is then forced to obtain government assistance in the form of food stamps, Medicaid, etc. We are subsidizing large companies like Wal-Mart by providing their employees with government assistance. That's not right for the individual, the company, the government, or tax payers. Companies need to be responsible for their employees instead of the corporate big wigs enjoying expanding yearly profits/ income at the expense of everyone else. 

We have a large issue with corporate rule in this country. One of the many ways people show displeasure with a company's political stance is to boycott the company. In reality, this is a lot harder to accomplish than just boycotting one brand. For example, don't like Nestle's stance? Well you need to avoid Gerber, Loreal, Purina, Friskies, Ralph Lauren, and more. (Please note this is just an example and I am in no way saying to boycott Nestle and its subsidiaries or partners) 

This gives companies a great deal of power in the political arena. Companies have vast wealth and can buy off politicians from the city level (think the county commissioners approving mining in your backyard) to the federal level. It becomes a never ending cycle unless voters choose to elect candidates that are not being paid for by corporations. 

I am not being paid by any large corporations. My campaign is being funded by individuals like you. This is why I need any dollar you can spare. Even if it's just $3 or $5, it can help me buy a yard sign, send a few postcards, or reach a few hundred people on Facebook. Every dollar helps get us closer to moving our state in the right direction.

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