Florida House Speaker's hypocrisy called out

I was appalled to see Richard Corcoran's  letter to Governor Scott today asking for the resignation of Sheriff Scott Israel for "incompetence and dereliction of duty" leading to the shooting at Parkland. I am appalled that a legislator that has failed to bring forth gun legislation despite the Pulse Shooting occurring under his tenure as Speaker is calling for resignation of anyone. I have submitted the following letter to Mr Corcoran asking for his resignation for the same reason he has asked for Sheriff Israel's... Richard Corcoran, It has come to my attention that you would like Governor Scott to suspend Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel for what you call "incompetence and dereliction of duty." In honor of holding those officials that are "incompetent and derelict in their duties" responsible, I am asking you to step down not only as Speaker of the House, but as a Florida State Representative. You have been serving as a Representative in Florida since 2010 and not once have you offered legislation on curbing gun violence prior to the Parkland Mass Shooting. On June 12, 2016, under your watch as Speaker of the House, a gunman opened fire at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando and killed 49 people and injured 58 with a semi-automatic assault weapon and a Glock. It was, at the time, the deadliest mass shooting in America by a single shooter. Instead of banning assault weapons after this, you did nothing. Then on October 1, 2017 came the Las Vegas shooting, overtaking Pulse as the deadliest mass shooting leaving 58 people dead and 851 people injured. Instead of moving to ban bump stocks or assault weapons, you again did nothing. HB321, sponsored by David Richardson, has not been moved on. At no point have you brought legiation to improve mental healthcare or schools. Instead, your budget slashed funding for education making it impossible for schools to make safety improvements even if they wanted to. February 14, 2018, a murderer descended upon Parkland with a legally obtained assault weapon because you failed to implement any gun regulation despite numerous mass shootings during your time in office. It is for the reasons such as those outlined above that Floridians call for your resignation, effective immediately. Additionally, due to your "incompetence and dereliction of duty", we ask you to not run for any political office in Florida, such as governor, ever again. The state of Florida has seen too many lives lost at the hands of poor leadership in Tallahassee. Floridians deserve better. Sincerely, Tammy Garcia- Mother, Floridian, and Candidate for Florida House of Representatives District 37 in 2018. I will make the changes you have failed to act on.

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