Local Elections

Many cities in Pasco are having their municipal elections on April 10. This includes Dade City, Port Richey, New Port Richey, San Antonio, Saint Leo, and Zephyrhills. They will be voting on positions like city council members and mayors.

Many people will often ignore all elections other than the general election in November. But if you want to make a difference in your local affairs, the non general elections is a good place to start. The city council is responsible for establishing laws/ ordinances in your city. Voting in these elections are the best way to make a difference in what directly impacts your daily life. So if you're in one of those cities, male sure to get out and vote!

The primaries this year will be on August 28th. This is an important election because this is when your school board members are elected. It's also important in order to decide what candidate you want to be on the ballot in November. I will be facing a challenger in the August primary so make sure you get out and vote for me in August so that I am on the ballot against the Republican challenger in November.

ALL elections are important for different reasons so make sure you vote in each of them! Sign up to vote by mail by clicking here and you'll be able to vote by mail in the primary as well as the general election!

#AllElectionsMatter #VoteByMail

#primaryelection #municipalelection #votebymail

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