Know Your Candidates

I've heard it time and time again (even from my own family members), "I don't vote because all the candidates are the same and I don't know what they're really all about." My response is "what did you do to learn about the candidates? Did you go to any of their events?" Usually the response is a big no.

While not every candidate is out there at every event, there are many candidates that DO get out and meet people often. As voters, we have to be actively informed. We can't just wait for candidates to knock on our door and introduce themselves (though I try to knock on as many doors as possible). Voters need to make an effort too if they want to be informed.

This past Sunday was VoteFest2.0 in Port Richey. There was 54 candidates in attendance including city council, judges, school board, county commissioner, state House, state Senate, attorney general, and US Congress. It was a great event and a fantastic way to meet a lot of candidates all at once. Attendance was AMAZING, but nowhere near all the voters in Pasco. Did you miss it? Hopefully we'll be having another a little closer to the elections and hopefully we'll see you there!

Looking for a different type of setting? Offer to host a house event, or go to a local meeting when the candidate is speaking.

Make sure to follow me on Facebook for upcoming events so that you can be sure to catch me, fellow candidates, and other amazing speakers! Want to host an event or fundraiser? Reach out to the campaign and get something scheduled!

On May 4th, from 6pm to 8pm, I'll be hosting a Spring Fundraising Kickoff event at the Land O Lakes Heritage Center! Suggested minimum donation is $25 for the event for an evening of food, drink, good people and, of course, learning more about me and my campaign! May the fourth be with you!

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