Spring Fundraising Kickoff!

On May 4th, we're having our Spring Fundraising Campaign Kickoff event! It will be at the Land O Lakes Heritage Center (room 2) from 6pm to 8pm. You don't have to stay the entire time. Feel free to stop in at any time. The suggested donation is $25 though any amount under the $1,000 maximum contribution will be accepted. We'll have food, drinks, music, and some great conversation!

I'm sure you've heard that running a campaign is not an easy or cheap task. It takes time, and it takes money to get out and get your message heard. When I go out knocking on doors I make sure to have campaign literature so that people will be able to have a reference after we leave. There are trainings and other events that I have to attend that cost money. There are yard signs I have to buy so that you all can place them in your yard and at polling places in October and November. Most importantly right now, I have to pay $1,700 just to get my name on the ballot.

I've signed the no NRA money pledge and others like it so it's incredibly important that I'm able to raise funds from you, the people I'll be representing. This campaign is about learning what you, the people of Pasco County, want from their legislators. It's not a campaign where I'm spending my time worrying about what lobbyists or big corporations want. I'm spending my time knocking on doors, going to events, talking to people, and really listening to what you need. We've been ignored way too long and it's long past time we have legislators that listen to the people.

So please, stop on by at my fundraising kickoff, donate from my website, write a check, sign up to volunteer to help me knock on doors or call residents. I'm asking that you help make 2018 the year we stop complaining about our legislators and finally elect people that truly care and reflect what their constituents want.

I'll see you May 4th!!!

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