First Official Endorsement

I am happy to announce I have received my first official endorsement.

"Working Families Party Endorses Tammy Garcia for Florida House of Representatives, District 37.

The WFP is a national progressive organization to mobilize members for candidates who will fight for all working families

The Working Families Party will mobilize its grassroots supporter base to volunteer for Tammy Garcia in advance of the election. The Working Families Party endorsement is a “seal of approval” for progressive voters.

"I am proud to have the endorsement of the WFP. For too long, our legislators have forgotten about the working class that they are supposed to be representing. We need to fight to make legislation that protects ALL of our citizens and gives everyone a voice instead of just the 1%. I will fight to ensure that no one will have to work over 40 hours a week just to pay their bills."

The Working Families Party is a national political organization that is recruiting, training, and electing the next generation of progressive leaders to office. The Working Families Party has had an impressive record of down-ballot wins in 2017, electing nearly 2/3rds of its more than 1,000 endorsed candidates."

The endorsement process for many of these groups/ organizations is quite extensive. Lengthy applications, phone or in person interviews, follow up questionnaires, campaign donation requirements, etc. They want to know that the candidates they endorse truly align with their values. This is why when a candidate receives an endorsement, it is truly an honor. For me, it means they see truth and value in what I stand for. It means they know I will fight for what I believe in.

#endorsement #workingfamiliesparty

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