Endorsement Alert

I'm excited to announce I've received another endorsement!

The #VOTEPROCHOICE endorsement is a special one to me. It is important to me that women are given the right to choose what goes on in their bodies. It isn't just about being pro choice, it's about giving women the right to have an active voice in their healthcare.

I've listened to friends as they recount their stories of pharmacists refusing to fill a medical prescription for birth control because it is against their religious beliefs. I've experienced infertility and listened to people say I shouldn't be able to use scientific advances to have a child of my own because it is against their religious beliefs. I've seen the protests at Planned Parenthood over just 1 service they offer as I've had to utilize their services for routine care when I wasn't able to get medical insurance (pre Affordable Care Act).

I will fight relentlessly for women's rights. What medical procedures or medical prescriptions a woman has is between her and her doctor. This endorsement means a lot to me because it means that I have made my stance on this very clear and I have a great deal of support behind me.

#VOTEPROCHOICE #ROEvolution #womensrights

#voteprochoice #endorsement

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