What The Blue Wave Means

What this Blue Wave is all about in 2018 is electing public officials up and down the ballot that reflect the people they represent and will fight for what's right. The Blue Wave is about taking back power from those only interested in serving for self-fulfilling purposes.

I encourage you to read this story from Brandi Geoit for Pasco County Board of County Commissioner. It is both an inspiring and frustrating story all at once. It is frustrating to see that our legislators pass laws that show they obviously care very little about the people they represent. It is inspiring, however, to see that this election is full of people like Brandi and myself that are choosing to run in order to have people in charge that truly care about the public.

I chose to run for Florida House of Representatives because I refuse to let Florida be run by legislators that don't understand the people they serve. I refuse to let Florida pass a "transgender bathroom bill" like the one passed in North Carolina in 2016- the bill that inspired me to step up and run. I am not transgender and wasn't directly impacted by that bill, but when legislators starts legalizing discrimination, I will not sit by on the sidelines.

Day in and day out I read news stories about different groups of people in different states having their rights stripped away by legislators looking to score points or force their narrow- minded views on their constituents. That ends this November. That ends with this Blue Wave.

I've been to a number of events recently where as soon as the gubernatorial candidates or whoever the headline speaker is has finished talking, people get up and leave. That's not how we make a Blue Wave! That will only end up with a blue splash. That is NOT the end game in November. We need to care about ALL positions. We need to listen to the Attorney General candidates. We need to hear what the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture candidates have to say.

We cannot sit idly by and wait for this wave. If we do nothing, nothing will ever change. We NEED to make sure we elect people to US Congress, to the governor's mansion, to Florida House and Senate, to County Commission, to School Board, and yes even to mosquito control that represent our blue values! We in Pasco County have sat and watched Republicans take charge year after year without a Democrat running against them. Not this year. We have a lot of great candidates this year and it's time for Pasco Democrats to get engaged!

I encourage you, sign up to call voters, knock on doors, host a house party or fundraiser, donate... do whatever it is that you can do. Just DO SOMETHING! We cannot let this wave pass us by. Pasco is ready for change. Will you commit to being a part of the revolution?

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