Qualifying Time = Qualifying Fee

On June 4th, I will be sending my qualifying paperwork away to officially place my name on this year's ballot. Along with the paperwork, I need to send a check for $1,781.82 to pay the qualifying fee. That means I'm asking for your help to make sure this campaign has the funds to qualify and win this race.

TOGETHER, we have a great opportunity to make a real change in leadership for Florida. I can't do it without your help! Until we get money out of politics, we need donations to win. Can you help us beat a Republican establishment favorite and win this race by contributing $100 to the campaign? Or consider setting up a monthly recurring contribution of $37 to help make sure I can continue to buy literature, put out ads, and send out mailers to flip District 37 blue.

Click Here to Donate $37 to Help Flip District 37 Blue!

Click Here to Donate $100 to help make sure I get my name on the ballot!

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