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We all want change. But it doesn't happen without taking action. Sitting on the sidelines has gotten us 2 decades of Republican control in Florida. I KNOW we're ready to flip this state. To do so, it will take everyone pitching in to #GetOutTheVote! We have a few events coming up to help us do this. If you don't have the funds right now to donate to the campaign, these are ways you can still show support.

Phone Banking

Did you know that there are companies that a politician can utilize to do phone banking? You might be thinking "well why don't you use them so you don't have to ask us to make calls for you?" Well, these companies can charge thousands of dollars for just a fraction of the phone calls that need to be made. I am trying to reach 50,000 voters and a service calling 50,000 people would cost in the $40,000 range (and that includes all those people that don't answer their phones so are never spoken to). That's about $1 per call. If you were to reach out to 50 or 100 people a week or month (each call usually takes about a minute), you can consider it a donation of almost $50 or $100.

We will get you trained and set up so that you don't have to make calls from your home or cell phone number. We'll give you a small list to start so that you can see just how easy, how quickly, and, most importantly, how effective this grassroots effort is. I mean, just look at the woman in this picture and see how excited she is to be phone banking! Don't worry though, we won't make you get dressed in work attire and sit in an office, you can make calls in your pajamas on your couch if you so choose.)

Door Knocking

We have 2 door knocking events coming up soon.

Date: June 9th (I am not organizing this one and will have to leave early due to a scheduling conflict with another campaign event).

Time: 10-1

Location: Messengers of Hope- 14426 Black Lake Rd, 33556

Facebook link: Click Here to RSVP

Date: June 10th (I am organizing this event)

Time: 12-4

Location: Shoppes at Sunlake Centre (park behind the Verizon retailer)- 18923 SR54, Lutz, FL

Facebook link: Click Here to RSVP

CLICK HERE to sign up for volunteering. You can choose if you'd like to phone bank or knock on doors. We'll get you the information you need on what to do!

Remember- TOGETHER we will make the changes Florida needs!

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