Two New Endorsements & A Distinction

I have grabbed two more endorsements for my race!

Both US Representative for Florida’s 14th Congressional District, Kathy Castor and Florida’s former Chief Financial Officer, Alex Sink have endorsed me.

“I support Tammy Garcia for the Florida House because she will stand up for our students, public schools, and teachers. We need change in Tallahassee and advocates like Tammy Garcia will fight for high quality education, good paying jobs, and affordable health care” says Castor.

I am honored to have the support of two incredible female leaders. Kathy and Alex are well-respected leaders that have served the interest of Floridians with the same passion and tenacity that I will. Improving our education system and fighting for our teachers is critical for providing our students with the skills and knowledge they need for the future.


I have also received the distinction of being a "Moms Demand Action" Gun Sense Candidate. I have made it very clear that I am for common sense gun safety legislation. As a mother, I hate that I have to worry about the lack of safety in schools. As I currently look at day care facilities for my son, I can't help but wonder why our legislators are not doing more to protect our children. The 2 year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting was just 2 days ago and yet we still fail to have comprehensive reform. I have received endorsement applications from the NRA and from the National Association for Gun Rights (which I received on the anniversary of the Pulse shooting). I can assure you, I will not be filling these out. I will not be bullied or pressured by these organizations. I will stand up to them and fight for what's best for the people of Florida. We have suffered 2 senseless mass shootings in less than 2 years in this state. As the people of Orlando were remembering Pulse, they were also in the throes of a hostage situation in which a man on probation with a history of domestic violence was holding 4 children. What else must we endure before action is finally taken? I say enough. Not one more life needs to be lost to senseless gun violence.

If we want change in Tallahassee, we can't count on a blue wave to win the election. We need to work to make it happen. We are knocking on a lot of doors and making a lot of phone calls, but we also need to be able to reach voters through the mail since there are a lot of gated communities that we simply can't reach through door knocking.

Please consider donating to the campaign today. A $100 dollar donation will help us reach just over 200 voters through the mail. We need over 35,000 voters to come out and vote for us so that's a lot of mailers.


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