Teamsters Endorsed

I was proud to stand with the Teamsters Local 79 earlier this year as they rallied for the raise they were promised. Today, I am honored to announce I have received their endorsement.

Our current legislators have worked to dismantle unions, HB 7055 with its teacher union busting is the perfect example. What we need to remember is that when unions win, we all win. Non union members also benefit from strong unions. While "right to work" states have lower wages, states with strong unions have more people are covered by health insurance, have retirement benefits, have paid sick leave, and wages are higher overall. Unions fight so that workers are treated better. This is something we should all be fighting for.

I am incredibly honored to receive this endorsement as it demonstrates my commitment to protecting the working class. I will be fighting to not just protect unions, but make them stronger for the benefit of all Floridians.

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