A Day to Celebrate

Today, I'm taking time out from the campaign trail after delivering yard signs to celebrate. My little boy turns 2 today! You may have met him at an event over the past few months as he's very involved in my campaign. He's a little mini campaign manager and he does a great job!

I have made the phrase "Moving Florida Forward" a feature of my campaign because I believe we need to move Florida forward for the future generations of Floridians like my son's generation. If we continue to make decisions that don't consider what the impact is for the future, we are making it more difficult for future generations. If we don't improve our education system, we are putting our children at a disadvantage. If we don't protect the environment, there won't be one left- no beach left to visit, no trails left to walk/ explore, no open fields to run around in, no fresh air to breath. If we don't bring in higher paying jobs and create a living wage, our recent graduates won't be able to afford to stay in Florida and will leave to find a life elsewhere.

That's not the life I want for my son, his generation, or any of the future generations to come. As Girl Scouts taught me, we need to leave a place better than when we found it. That's what I will be doing when you elect me to represent you in Tallahassee.

Since my little guy was born in 2016, I'm going to make a request that you donate $20.16 to the campaign in honor of his birthday and as a way to celebrate with me. We're celebrating his birthday and the future of what this Blue Wave will bring!


And join me in wishing Nathan a happy 2nd birthday!!!

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